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voices, views, & vibrations

PRODUCED October 2020

youtube talk show  
watch it here 
No matter what path you’ve been down, we’ve all been through it! But, what did we take from our journeys? And what are we choosing to pass along? From the point of views of two early gen Y, or arguably late millennial, black women, VVV is a new youtube series tackling the underlying issues in black society through introducing healing and positive vibrations into each conversation.

White Mirror


White mirror proof of concept   


A young black artist, plagued by nightmares of police brutality, tries to alleviate his depression by expressing himself through painting, only to be confronted with the reality that he will always be seen as a monster in the eyes of white people. He begs the question: Why are you afraid of me?

home is where your art lives


Spoken word visual film


 It is a heightened drama that follows the experience of a young black artist attempting to rally support for her performance work in her community. She is instead met with unwarranted and unexpected resistance. Leading her to ask and beg the question: “Why don’t you support me?” Through her experience of this narrative, the film explores the idea of what it is to exist as an artist in the black community.

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