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Frequent asked questions~

  • What are the requirements to apply? What documentation do I need?

Our requirements for all listings are credit score above 680 and 40x the rent for annual income. To apply you'll need your last two banks statements, last two pay stubs, most recently filed tax return, and a form of ID.

  • What is the application process like?

Application fees are $20 for both applicants & guarantors and are non-refundable.

If you're applying for a room, rooms are first come first serve in apartments. You are able to hold your room in a roomshare through a $500 holding deposit that will take it off the market within our brokerage. This deposit is credited towards your first month's rent. Once all the rooms are filled, all of the roommates files are sent to the landlord to be approved. Once the full apartment file is approved, a lease is provided for all tenants, and the balance for your first month's rent and security deposit is due. The time frame of this process depends on multiple factors, but typically takes 7-10 days (exceptions for move-ins closer to the 1st of the month).

For example:

If you're renting a room for $800, in total you'd pay $1600 (first month's rent & security deposit). Once rooms are filled, at the lease signing, you'd pay the remaining $1100 balance.

If you're applying for an apartment, you are able to take the apartment off of the market with an $1000 holding deposit. This deposit is credited towards your first month's rent. Once your application is submitted and completed, this process typically takes about 3-5 days.

**The holding deposit (or good faith deposit) is refundable if you're application is rejected from any reason or if something with the management, landlord, or brokerage prevents you from renting the original apartment or room you put the deposit down on.**

  • If I don't meet those requirements, what else can I do?

For both rooms & apartments, you can provide a guarantor with a credit score above 700 and 80x the rent for annual income. Guarantors are asked to provide their last two paystubs, last two bank statements, most recently filed tax return, and ID. The credit check is a hard pull for all applicants.

For apartments, you can apply for online guarantors services such as Rhino, Insurent, or TheGuarantors. This varies from landlord to landlord, so please contact me about it for specific listing before doing so.

  • Do you have other listings available that aren't on your site?

We have hundreds of listings in our inventory all over Brooklyn and a select few in Ridgewood and Long Island City in Queens and in the Bronx and Harlem.

  • Do you also rent luxury buildings?

Yes, I've worked with several luxury buildings and clients, and will have no problems taking on your search for a luxury apartment.

  • Do you also work on sales?

As a licensed real estate agent, I have the ability to work with any residential or commercial needs you may have. Please contact me with your specific requirements!

  • Are there any broker's fees associated?

No, our listings don't have any broker's fee.

  • How can I contact you?

For quickest response, please text me at 706-830-8766 or you can email me at